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  • Tigh Na Leanai Creche

About Us

Curriculum Development

We believe that when children are busy and involved, it enhances their development. In each room at the Creche a weekly plan will be decided by the staff. This will be tailored to the childrens’ needs and there will be a well balanced and varied programme each week.

This will include:

  • Indoor and outdoor activities
  • Sensory exploratory activities: play dough, sand, water
  • Expressive activities: painting, finger painting, gluing,  cookery, etc
  • Large motor activities, stories, dressing up
  • Heuristic play, language development and free play

There will be time each day for large and small group activities.

Confidentiality Policy

It is the policy of Tigh na Leanaí to keep any personal information relating to the children, families, staff and volunteers completely confidential.

Records of children’s observation, paperwork and registration forms will be seen by their parents and by staff and by relevant professionals (HSE) on a need-to-know basis only.


Parents are asked to inform staff if their child has been in contact with an infectious disease, such as measels, chicken-pox, head lice, etc. Children suffering from such infections should be kept at home. Parents will be informed of any infectious disease occurring at the creche. Please do not bring your child to creche if he/she has been vomiting or had diarrhoea until at least 24 hours has elapsed.

Child Protection

Tigh na Leanaí is committed to practices which protect children from harm. Management, staff and volunteers/students in this service recognise that the welfare of children is paramount and our service will endeavour to safeguard children by:

  • having a reporting procedure to respone to concerns about children’s welfare and safety
  • having a confidentially statement
  • having a Code of Behaviour for staff and volunteers/students
  • having a procedure to respond to accidents
  • having a procedure to respond to complaints/
  • developing a staff allegations procedure