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  • Tigh Na Leanai Creche

Our Philosophy

Children are viewed as capable citizens from birth, and educators ensure that they maximise each child’s participation in our curriculum.



The Service’s curriculum stimulates children’s natural wonder and exploration by learning through play and their interests. We recognise that childhood is not something to be rushed and have a strong focus on the outdoors that allows us to connect with nature and a home from home environment that stimulates our natural curiosity.

Educators are encouraged to be active learners and seek new ways of challenging themselves. Learning is carried out through play with various activities to support and enable children. The Service acknowledges our family's and communities’ culture and traditions and interweaves aspects of this within our curriculum. Partnerships with children, families and the wider community allow us to explore, respect and acknowledge their diverse cultural practices. We embrace and engage with our community as we look for ways to enable our children to connect and establish relationships with those in it.

Educators strive to consider children’s thoughts and respect their feelings actively; we feel that supporting and listening gives children a strong sense of well-being. Through respectful and reciprocal relationships, we allow our children to engage and enjoy relationships with those in their world. We view our curriculum, people and community holistically. We are open to new ideas and acknowledge what we can learn from reflecting on our strengths and weaknesses. While teaching, our educators are encouraged to look holistically at learning.

We see what interconnected learning is happening between children, families, educators, and the wider community and the connectedness of the mind, body, and spirit.